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Electrifying livery for Fullwood’s hometown event

Brad Jones Racing unveils Indigenous livery for Bryce Fullwood in Darwin.

10 June 2022

Brad Jones Racing has revealed the Indigenous livery Bryce Fullwood will field at his home event, the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown.

Brad Jones Racing worked with Jedess Hudson, a young emerging Indigenous artist from Cairns in far North Queensland, on the design of the Middy’s Racing Supercar for Hidden Valley Raceway.

Hudson took inspiration from Middy’s longevity in the electrical industry when she created the artwork titled Light the Way.

“Across our land, we see various weather patterns that signal the changing of seasons, mainly through the hot and humid summer months,” said Jedess.

“Bryce was born and raised in Darwin and Northern Australia which is known for its distinct wet and dry seasons and various types of lightning that can occur. Dry lightning, lightning to fire, and lightning to storms.

“For First People, we recognise the original form of energy transference was lightning and with Middy’s being such a beacon in the Australian electrical industry, it seemed the perfect juxtaposition of elements to inspire the design.”