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V8X Issue #92

V8X Issue #92 ($9.95 cover price plus $5.50 postage – within Australia Only)

Included is a two-sided pullout poster featuring Team Vortex’s Craig Lowndes on one side and Nissan Motorsport on the other.

V8X Supercar Magazine issue #92 includes the following:


THE GREAT DIVIDE: Introducing the Falcon versus Commodore special edition.

TRUE BLUE: Where it all began for the Ford Falcon.

LION HEART: Where it all began for the Holden Commodore.

TECH BATTLEGROUND: How the Falcon and Commodore shaped up in the V8 era.

: Why the Commodore got the better of the Falcon.

TOP 10 FALCONS: The most successful and influential Falcons.

TOP 10 COMMODORES: The most successful and influential Commodores.

THE DEFECTORS: The most notable drivers to swap between Ford and Holden.

THE LOYALISTS: The most notable drivers to stick with Ford or Holden.

STARS OF TOMORROW: Introducing the young guns to watch in the Dunlop Series.


ANALYSIS: A look at the driver playbook for 2016.

ANALYSIS: The future of the Ford versus Holden rivalry.

ANALYSIS: The records and milestones to track in 2016.

SPEEDCAFE.COM NEWS: The latest headlines from Speedcafe.com.

MARK WINTERBOTTOM COLUMN: Frosty on maintaining a competitive edge.

CRAIG LOWNDES COLUMN: Lowndes pens his first column.

GARRY ROGERS COLUMN: Rogers on future of V8s into the Gen2 era.

THE SHOOTOUT: The ten best non-Ford or Holden racers.