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V8X Issue #83


The greatest race super grid: The 64 entries that line-up in our “Greatest Race” Super Grid.

The other great combinations: The partnerships of note that could not be accommodated in the Super Grid.

The ast of the big bangers: Profile of the famed Holden VK Commodore that dominated the final races of Group C.

The class of 1984: The unique mix of Group C and Group A cars that tried to stop the VK Commodore in 1984.

1994: dawn of a new era: Looking back at one of the greatest ever Bathurst 1000s, 20 years on.

The lap of the dogs: The laps when it all went wrong for potential race winners at Mount Panorama.

Firth’s Bathurst legacy: How the late driver/team manager Harry Firth transformed the Great Race.

Brabhams at Bathurst: The impact the Brabham family has had at Bathurst, from the late Jack to his three sons.

Bathurst from above: A unique look at the wonders of Mount Panorama from the skies.

The Great Race: Then & Now: How the Great Race has changed drastically from the 1960s to today.

Museum on the mountain: What you’ll find inside the National Motor Racing Museum at Mount Panorama.


Analysis: A closer look at what’s happening inthe V8 Supercars paddock.

Paddock talk: Why V8 Supercars must continue to embrace its history and heritage.

Mark Winterbottom: Frosty on the lessons he has learnedfrom Mount Panorama in a decade.

Garry Rogers: Volvo Polestar Racing’s boss onhis exploits in the Bathurst 1000.

Mark Larkham: Larko on the future engine technologiesfor V8 Supercars.

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Final Lap: Uncover the driver behind the helmet as we get to know Rick Kelly.

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