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Truck Assist backing for Wood’s Mustang

Truck Assist backing for Ryan Wood’s rookie campaign with Walkinshaw Andretti United.

30 January 2024

Walkinshaw Andretti United has taken the covers off the all-new Mobil 1 Truck Assist Racing #2 Ford Mustang, which Ryan Wood will drive in the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship for his rookie season.

Mobil 1 is Walkinshaw Andretti United’s longest standing partner, as they enter their 31st year as a fundamental part of the team. The Mobil 1 logo retains its spot on the bonnet of the #2.

Truck Assist features as the co-naming rights partner of the #2 entry, taking the major branding position on the sides on the sides of the car. The truck insurance and roadside assistance specialist brand was first seen on the Walkinshaw Andretti United cars in 2021 as a platinum partner. Parent company, NTI, will also appear on the front and rear of the car.

Wood will be behind the wheel of the Mobil 1 Truck Assist Racing Ford Mustang on Wednesday February 7th at Winton Motor Raceway for the first test day of the season.

“The Mobil 1 Truck Assist Racing Mustang looks awesome, the colours and livery are incredible, and it looks cool standing still, so I can’t wait for everyone to see it once we roll out on the track,” says Wood.

“To be able to represent the partners involved in our team and on this car is really special to be honest. To have the Mobil 1 logo on the bonnet, Truck Assist logo on the doors, and all the amazing partners that make this team what it is, it’s just such an amazing opportunity.

“A massive thank you to all of our partners, both new and existing, that have made this dream possible, your support for both myself and the team is really appreciated.

“Really looking forward to getting behind the wheel, let’s see what we can do, it’s all starting to feel real now, someone pinch me!”

Walkinshaw Andretti United CEO Bruce Stewart: “It’s great to finally have the Mobil 1 Truck Assist Racing car out there for everyone to see, it’s a fresh look, has some serious presence, but still has our DNA throughout which is really important to us.

“It’s been a quick turnaround between seasons and all of this wouldn’t be possible without our amazing partners. To have Mobil 1 back for the 31st year with our team, you just can’t put into words how grateful we are, and it’s brilliant to have NTI’s continued support through their Truck Assist brand, as our journey together continues. It doesn’t stop there though, we are extremely fortunate to have the amazing support of all of our partners, Morris who are entering their 14th season with the team, and welcoming Chemical Guys to the WAU family.

“The support from our entire partner group has been incredible, you will see a lot of familiar brands on the car and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support with the team, while we also welcome our new partners to the WAU family.

“We look forward to an exciting year for Ryan, he has genuine speed and we are eager for everyone to see what he can bring to the category both on and off the track. I can’t wait to get the season underway and see the Mobil 1 Truck Assist Racing car on track for the first test day at Winton on February 7th.”