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Triple Eight unveils Darwin Indigenous livery

Triple Eight Race Engineering takes the covers off its Indigenous livery for Darwin.

13 June 2024

Triple Eight Race Engineering have unveiled their Indigenous liveries for the Darwin Triple Crown, designed by the amazingly talented students of Gunnedah’s Clontarf Academy.

The Clontarf Foundation has been a longstanding community partner of the team’s co-naming right’s partner, Ampol, and operates to improve the education, life skills, self-esteem, and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men through academies in schools across Australia.

The Gunnedah Academy in north west NSW is one of the most recently established of the 160 Clontarf Foundation academies around Australia. Based at the local Gunnedah High School, it supports 95 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through the programme which encourages them to participate in education, employment and society in a positive way.

The artwork, aptly named ‘The Journey of the Driver,’ was created by the students to describe the life of a driver. The centre circles symbolised by the U shapes are a meeting place. The U shapes are the symbol for a person, this represents the drivers and the extended crew, working together as one. The four corners with striped dots represent the many roads/tracks the driver races on throughout their career.

Triple Eight will also sell a limited-edition collection of Darwin Triple Crown merchandise which features the artwork, with 10 percent of sales from every item sold being donated to the Clontarf Foundation. Merchandise will be available both online and at the team’s track store in Darwin.

The special livery will be emblazoned across both the #87 and #88 Chevrolet Camaros.