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Triple Eight reveals Indigenous livery

Triple Eight Race Engineering takes the covers off its Indigenous livery for Darwin.

09 June 2022

Triple Eight Race Engineering has unveiled its Indigenous livery for the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown, designed by students of the Hunter River Clontarf Academy in Heatherbrae, New South Wales.

The livery will be run across both #88 and #97 entries at Hidden Valley Raceway and celebrates Ampol’s longstanding partnership with the Clontarf Foundation and the recent release of its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Clontarf Foundation operates to improve the education, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men through academies in schools across Australia, including their program at Hunter River High School.

The artwork tells the story of the Hunter River Clontarf Academy, showing where the Hunter River meets the harbour and the connection that local Aboriginal people have to the water. There are footprints along the river which grow from small to large and illustrate the journey of leadership and growth that Clontarf students embark upon on while at school.

The circles of dots throughout the artwork represent the local communities that the academy connects with. The ‘blue sunrise’ represents new beginnings and how the hunter river students strive to become the best versions of themselves and learn from others.

“We’re truly fortunate to work alongside Ampol and the talented students from the Hunter River Clontarf Academy on this design,” said the team’s managing director Jamie Whincup.

“It’s also humbling to think that these students were able to travel from Newcastle to Brisbane today and be the first to reveal our livery – the very livery that they created.

“Ampol have been Triple Eight’s most long-standing team partner, and their commitment not only to us, but their community partnerships such as the Clontarf Foundation is remarkable.

“This is also a great initiative by Supercars to announce that the Darwin Triple Crown would be the category’s official Indigenous event, and we’re so thankful that all of our major partners, headed by Ampol, were forthcoming by letting us represent their brands through this unique livery.”