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Team 18 unveils Winterbottom’s DEWALT livery

Team 18’s DEWALT Racing livery for Mark Winterbottom revealed.

06 February 2024

Team 18 has unveiled a new look for Mark Winterbottom’s #18 DEWALT Racing Team 18 Chevrolet Camaro for the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship.

The 2024 DEWALT Camaro’s new look features a matte-black base and glossy yellow styling, which has been inverted from DEWALT’s traditional Supercars branding since 2020.

Winterbottom finished 15th in the 2023 standings, highlighted with Team 18’s first race win at the Darwin Triple Crown.

“The DEWALT Camaro looks fantastic… matte black is one of my favourite looking race cars and to have it is something I’m very proud of,” says Winterbottom.

“If it’s fast and looks like that, I’m going to be a very happy person! It’s fantastic to celebrate such a powerful and strong brand and obviously a hundred year anniversary for DEWALT is an incredible achievement so I always try and represent it as well and proud and as best I can. For them, they win off track, and for me, I have to win on track to try and keep up so the pressure is on. It’s important to me to represent this fantastic brand in the way it deserves and that’s up the front.

“I think this is the biggest change Team 18 has had in the whole time I’ve been here. It’s been a massive off season, our engineering department has had a big overhaul and we’ve got a lot of depth, which is really good. I think everyone’s got a point of difference and on the days we’re fast, we’ll all work together and on the days we’re struggling, that’s when a point of difference will be a positive strength. We’ve now also got a technical director and from there it stems down to hopefully deliver the right results.

“This is my sixth season at Team 18 now and I genuinely feel it’s the best we’ve been in that department. Looking at the workshop as well, the depth we’ve got there has also increased so as a driver it’s now time to deliver. I feel like we’re in good shape and results on track will do the talking.”