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Supercars’ need for bigger personalities

‘Voice of sport’ Gerard Whateley tells PARKED UP PLUS podcast how Supercars can get back on media map.

23 January 2023

One of Australia’s leading sportscasters has revealed why Supercars doesn’t get the mainstream media coverage its big audience deserves.

Gerard Whateley, host of Fox Sports’ popular ‘AFL 360’ and an influential radio show, thinks V8 racing’s stars need to play up their rivalries to get more attention.

Known for his AFL, horse racing and Olympic Games commentary and analysis, Whateley has a newfound interest in motorsport as a celebrity co-owner of the NAPA Auto Parts Sprintcar team.

Regarded as the modern ‘voice of sport’, he gives his views on Supercars’ media coverage crisis exclusively on the latest PARKED UP PLUS podcast. Listen here:

Whateley is a partner in Aussie World of Outlaws star James McFadden’s bid for this weekend’s Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic at Premier Speedway in Warrnambool, southwest Victoria.

His high-profile co-owners are TV sports producer Tim Hodges, Richmond AFL star Jack Riewoldt and Supercars-turned-IndyCar ace Scott McLaughlin.

Whateley also questions why Supercars goes up against AFL and NRL in the winter. While Whateley admits he is a motor racing “neophyte”, he has a broad outlook on sports coverage. But he admits that despite his best efforts on his SEN morning radio show, Supercars fans are short-changed by the general sports media.

PARKED UP PLUS also has the latest on the last-minute Gen3 parity argument between Ford and Supercars.

Plus, Kiwi V8 legend Greg Murphy’s son Ronan comments on racing in his famous father’s shadow as he begins his Supercars quest.

Each week, award-winning presenter Mark Fogarty breaks the big news and talks to the stars on PARKED UP PLUS.