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Sandown 500 back as Bathursts prelim in 2023

PARKED UP PLUS podcast reveals late Supercars calendar reshuffle.

21 November 2022

Supercars’ long-delayed 2023 calendar will finally be announced this week, with a major last-minute surprise.
Not only is the Sandown 500 returning as a two-driver enduro, but it’s coming back in in its traditional pre-Bathurst 1000 slot.
The latest PARKED UP PLUS podcast reveals the late schedule reshuffle that restores the Sandown 500 to September as the direct lead-in to Bathurst. The casualties of the 12-event 2023 Supercars calendar are also named.
Listen here:

As well, PARKED UP PLUS talks exclusively to Supercars grandee Roland Dane, who has strong opinions on the future of touring cars globally and Supercars post-Gen3.
And Jett Johnson’s plans to follow grandpa Dick and dad Steve into Supercars are outlined.
There’s also the latest on the Melbourne ‘super circuit’ planned to become the southern home of Supercars.

It’s all in PARKED UP PLUS, where news comes first.