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Plan to finally fix Gen3 aero

Speedcafe Newscast outlines why wind tunnel tests must happen.

26 September 2023

Ford’s on-going dissatisfaction with Gen3 aero parity is pushing Supercars towards wind tunnel testing.

Discussions have taken place at the highest levels to send the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro prototypes to the USA ahead of next season to have their aerodynamics measured and equalised.

The latest Speedcafe Newscast podcast explains how the wind tunnel tests would happen – and why the expensive move is needed to finally end aero parity arguments. Listen here:

Amid talk of another aero tweak for the Mustangs in time for next week’s Repco Bathurst 1000, there is a growing acknowledgement that the long-serving VCAT straight-line testing is no longer adequate.

Even with CFD computer aero modelling used extensively to design the racing shapes of the Gen3 Camaro and Mustang, physical wind tunnel trials still provide the most accurate and comprehensive airflow data.

The tests need to be done in a full-size rolling road wind tunnel – not available in Australia, but in widespread use in America, most notably by NASCAR.

Speedcafe Newscast also investigates Supercars’ revived ambition to join the undercard at the glamourous Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. Is the reported interest real or just wishful thinking?

And, of course, there’s an update on the outlook for the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship calendar as hopes for an announcement by the Bathurst 1000 look optimistic.

All this and more in the latest Speedcafe Newscast, the place of pace for motor racing news.