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New Dunlop wet tyre for 2023

Dunlop to introduce a new and improved wet tyre for 2023.

17 October 2022

Supercars and Dunlop Australia have confirmed that a new and improved wet tyre will be introduced to the Repco Supercars Championship in 2023.
The new wet tyre that will be introduced when the Gen3 Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro begin racing next year has been formally signed off following development and testing.
Now in production in Japan, the first batch will arrive in Australia ahead of the season opener at the Newcastle 500 from March 10 to 12, 2023.
The new compound was run in wet conditions on the Gen3 prototype Supercars following the Penrite Oil Sandown SuperSprint in August and was again used during demonstration laps at the Repco Bathurst 1000.
The 2023 wet tyre, which will be most effective for heavy rain, will be capable of dispersing impressive quantities of water.
It will feature white lettering on the sidewall for the Dunlop and SP Sport Maxx brands.
The current 2022 wet tyre will be made available for Dunlop Super2 and Dunlop Super3 rounds in 2023.
“This is great outcome for drivers and particularly the fans who want to see racing in any condition,” said Supercars CEO Shane Howard.
“This will provide drivers with more control under wet conditions which in turn will provide a greater spectacle for fans.
“Following testing we’re very pleased with the outcomes of the new compound that will be used on the new wet tyre.
“The softer compound has been designed to handle wet conditions much better than the current tyre on the Gen3 Camaro and Mustang given the reduced downforce the new cars will create.
“Both Dunlop and Supercars believe this new wet tyre will add to the racing spectacle in harsh/wet conditions with the new cars.”
Dunlop Brand Manager Dunlop & Motorsport, Tony Kiernan added: “Dunlop Australia is pleased to announce the release of this next generation Dunlop Wet Control Tyre available for the first Gen3 race in 2023.
“Our rigorous testing and development program has resulted in a brand new rubber compound which delivers reduced lap times due to improved grip levels compared with the 2022 wet tyre.
“We are gratified that Supercar drivers in rigorous test conditions immediately expressed increased confidence in the handling and braking performance of the new Dunlop Wet Control tyre.
“The softer rubber employed will deliver slightly increased wear rates which we are confident will add yet another element to Supercar Team strategy decisions on wet race days.
“Dunlop is pleased to add another new component to the already exciting Gen3 Supercars season in 2023. Bring on Newcastle in March.”