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Legal stoush over Cauchi’s move

David Cauchi facing legal action for move from Triple Eight Race Engineering to Grove Racing.

04 March 2022

David Cauchi’s move from Triple Eight Race Engineering to Grove Racing is leading to legal action, with Triple Eight claiming a breach of his ongoing contractual obligations.

Cauchi, a long-time engineer at Triple Eight, is understood to have been instructed to undergo six months of ‘gardening leave’ before starting his role at Grove Racing later in 2022. However, Cauchi has started his role from the start of the season.

“Triple Eight Race Engineering is of the view that David Cauchi is in breach of his ongoing contractual obligations to the team,” said a statement from the team.

“Triple Eight has instructed its lawyers to take immediate steps to protect the team’s legitimate business interests.

“We won’t be making any further statements until the matter is determined by the court.”

In response, Grove Racing made the follownig statement:

“Grove Racing has been made aware of Triple Eight’s intention to take legal action against Penrite Racing team principal, David Cauchi.

“While disappointed with the intention to take legal action, no legitimate case has been outlined against him. The team will provide any support required to Cauchi in this personal matter.

“Cauchi served his full notice period with Triple Eight until January 6, 2022, and joined Penrite Racing, in a completely different role, after that time.”

Grove Racing team owner Stephen Grove added: “For a team that’s enjoyed so much success for so long it’s rather interesting timing to be focussing on taking this action on the first day of the season. We’ve done everything above board in acquiring David (Cauchi).

“We’re focused on continuing to build our team and doing our fighting on the track, with David as a valued member of our squad. There’s bigger issues for people to worry about in the world right now, than an attempt by Triple Eight to try to stop a man from earning an income for him and his family for six months.”