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Hot Wheels Legends Tour winner revealed

Hot Wheels Legends Tour Australian winner is a 1974 custom Clubman Mini.

22 April 2022

The winner has been announced for the Australian leg of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, the world’s largest travelling car show.

The winner is Corey Solomons from New South Wales with a 1974 custom Clubman Mini (The Frankenmini).

The car has a 351 Windsor V8 and is pushing 38’ x 15.5’ tyres, sitting on a shortened Nissan patrol chassis. It’s called Frankenmini because it’s made from many different car parts (including welded stitches all over).

Corey is hoping to get this vehicle featured in Mad Max 5 and plans to do so by showing it off in front of the producers at the upcoming mini nationals in Hay.

Some of the other finalists included a Mick Mielczarek with a custom 1948 Fiat Toppling delivery van and Peter Basmadjian with a 1958 Austin Healey Spirit drag custom.

“I just think this thing is a total juxtaposition of what we expect with a Mini Clubman,” said event judge Greg Rust.

“I can see some kids playing with this car outside in the dirt and I can see others saying, ‘You know what, that thing is wild, I’ll keep it safely in its Hot Wheels box on my shelf’. Such a cool thing.”