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Gen3: Good to be green

PARKED UP PLUS podcast reveals new Gen3 eco-friendlier fuel.

07 November 2022

As well as cheaper to run, next year’s new Gen3 Supercars are set to be cleaner.
A secret until now, the latest PARKED UP PLUS podcast reveals that a new blended fuel has been developed, promising to be environmentally friendlier.
Concocted from more sustainable sources, it is designed to make the new Ford and GM V8s that will power the Gen3 Mustang and Camaro less polluting.

Listen here:

Gen3 is aimed at reducing long-term running costs with more standard components and construction controls, plus lower-maintenance engines.
PARKED UP PLUS has learned that a new race-spec ‘bio fuel’ is planned to make Gen3 more environmentally accountable.
The podcast outlines the composition of the cleaner-burning fuel, due to replace the already more eco-friendly E85 blend used in V8 racing since 2009.
E85 is predominantly bio fuel, made up of 85 percent ethanol made from sugar cane and 15 percent premium petrol.
Believed to have been developed in conjunction with official Supercars fuel supplier BP, the new mix contains what is understood to be a ground-breaking synthetic additive.
Already trialled in the USA in Gen3 engine endurance dyno running, the locally made next-gen racing brew retains the 85/15 percent split between renewable and fossil fuels respectively.
The cleaner, more sustainable fuel is part of the long-term plan for the ‘greening’ of Gen3 Supercars, which are ‘future-proofed’ for the adoption of F1-style combustion/electric hybrid power units.

PARKED UP PLUS also has the latest on the 2023 Supercars calendar saga and details of a new in-car feature for the TV coverage.
As well, Supercars co-driver Tony D’Alberto talks about his bid for the TCR title at this weekend’s inaugural Bathurst International.
And Supercars paddock personality Paul Marinelli reports from the ‘crazy’ public launch of next year’s Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, destined to be a big hit despite sky high ticket prices.
All this and more major motor sport news is in this week’s PARKED UP PLUS podcast, hosted by Motorsport Journalist Of The Year Mark Fogarty.