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Ford pays tribute to great rival Holden

Ford marks Holden’s farewell to Supercars.

04 December 2022

Ford Australia has marked Holden’s farewell to Supercars by paying tribute to its long-time rival.

The Holden name departs Supercars at the VALO Adelaide 500, with Chevrolet and the Camaro replacing Holden and the Commodore under the Gen3 rules from 2023. Ford continues with the Mustang into next season.

“Ford versus Holden has been the central story of Australian motorsport for six decades, and it’s a major moment in history to see that story come to an end this weekend,” said Ford Australia president and CEO Andrew Birkic.

“We’re proud of the battles across the eras, and will always remember those key rivalries.

“Geoghagan vs Beechey, Moffat and Johnson vs Brock, Ambrose vs Skaife, McLaughlin vs van Gisbergen.

“Let’s hope that we see some great racing this weekend in Adelaide, that honours the incredible history between our brands.

“We now look forward to the Gen3 era beginning in 2023, and are extremely excited about our new seventh-generation Mustang hitting the track in Newcastle.”