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Erebus re-signs Russell for enduro events 

Brodie Kostecki and David Russell combination to continue in endurance events in 2024.

23 October 2023

David Russell will continue his partnership with Brodie Kostecki at Erebus Motorsport for the endurance events in 2024. 
Russell and Kostecki have scored two Bathurst 1000 podiums plus a Sandown 500 podium over the last two years, finishing in second place at Bathurst in 2023. 

“It’s a great feeling to be able to continue building on the last three years with Erebus and with Brodie,” said Russell. 
“To know we will have that continuity next year coming off the back of a very strong endurance campaign is great and we definitely have some unfinished business.
“Myself and Brodie, as well as Erebus as a whole, have a desire to win races and that’s something that’s firmly on our minds as we go into the 2024 endurance campaign. 
“It was a bit of a clean slate for Erebus back in 2021 with two new main drivers and two new co-drivers joining the team.
“I’m so proud to be a part of Erebus’ journey and to have been part of that transitional phase as well as this year’s Gen3 introduction, it was a no-brainer for me to continue with the team. 
“I really enjoy seeing Brodie go about his role as the main driver. He’s an incredible driver and it’s going to be great to continue our relationship and continue building off each other’s strengths. 
“Our goal for next year, as it always is, is to win races and we’re both confident in our abilities to do that.”
Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan added: “I consider Dave to be the best co-driver in pitlane so I’m really excited to continue working with him in 2024. 
“Brodie and Dave have proven themselves as one of the strongest enduro pairings on the grid and I have no doubt they’ll continue to be at the pointy end at next year’s enduro events.”