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Drivers to take back control

PARKED UP PLUS podcast reveals that Supercars will restore in-car sway bar adjustment.

11 April 2023

Supercars drivers are set to regain control of adjusting handling balance in races as Gen3 refinements continue.

Driver manipulation of anti-roll bar settings to alter front to rear grip is currently blocked to simplify the development process.

But as Castrol Racing Ford star Thomas Randle reveals in the latest PARKED UP PLUS podcast, in-car adjustment of sway bars – which control the distribution of cornering grip – is due to be restored soon. Listen here:

It has been blocked in the early stages of Gen3 to simplify the transition, but the design is packaged-protected to reintroduce driver-operated cockpit levers to alter sway bar settings.

Along with stick shift gear changes, drivers love being able to change their cars’ balance, shifting and shuffling the distribution of roll stiffness on the run.

Fans also delight in watching them changing settings, especially serial balance fiddler Shane van Gisbergen, renowned for his busy left hand.

According to Randle, Supercars is expected to allow in-race sway bar adjustment in time for the Townsville 500 in July and beyond.

The latest PARKED UP PLUS podcast also examines Supercars wannabe Jayden Ojeda’s stunning Bathurst 6 Hour production car enduro win, highlighted by his now celebrated ‘Pass On The Grass’ overtake.

The victory – and his charging drive – reinforced his case for a fulltime Supercars seat.

News, too, of reigning Bathurst 1000 co-winner Garth Tander’s new GT gig to help keep him sharp for his Sandown and Bathurst co-drives at Grove Racing, and controversial X-rated racer Renee Gracie’s new GT drive is revealed.

All this and more on the latest PARKED UP PLUS podcast, presented by motorsport authority Mark Fogarty, who gets the big stories from the big names.