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Boost Mobile boss lets loose on Supercars

Peter Adderton opens up on his thoughts on the current state of Supercars.

16 October 2023

Outspoken sponsor Peter Adderton has savaged Supercars in an explosive new interview. Grilled by renowned interrogator Mark Fogarty, Adderton unleashes with his unfiltered thoughts in the latest Speedcafe Podcast.

The controversial Boost Mobile boss delivers his Supercars spray in the lead up to the Gold Coast 500, which his company is sponsoring – and last year set the benchmark for event promotion.
Adderton also explains why he backed Bathurst 1000 co-winner Richie Stanaway to the hilt. Listen here:

The pod’s been up for a few days, but if you haven’t listened check it out because Adderton doesn’t hold back.

He gets stuck right in to Supercars with valid criticisms, including calling time on the stale TV commentary team.

The interview is Foges at his best as he banters with and baits Adderton, the most critical supporter of Supercars.

The telco disrupter loves the sport as a spectacle, but decries the mismanagement he asserts is holding it back.