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SupercarXtra teams with Speedcafe.com

SupercarXtra Magazine and Speedcafe.com come together.

04 August 2023

SupercarXtra Magazine is partnering with Speedcafe.com, bringing together two of the biggest names in the Australian motorsport media landscape.

The new arrangement allows readers to subscribe to the magazine directly from the most widely used motorsport website in the nation. It will also see content supplied in the magazine by Speedcafe.com’s award-winning journalists, as well as the inclusion of a ‘Powered by Speedcafe’ logo on the front cover of the magazine from the next edition, issue #129, which will be on sale in the coming week.

The partnership will mean that SupercarXtra will have access to a much larger pool of writers and photographers, meaning a better publication for its loyal readers. It’s good news as well for our valued advertisers and commercial partners, who will now enjoy a larger reach. There will also be a number of other new and exciting initiatives that will be unveiled in the near future.

Rest assured that your favourite magazine will continue to be full of entertaining articles and awesome photography from the past and the present. We also plan to continue our extremely popular Bathurst book series.

“I’m really quite excited by this joint venture,” said SupercarXtra publisher, Allan Edwards.

“This will give us the reach to grow the publication which in turn will avail us with the resources to take the magazine to the next level.

“I’d really like to thank the owners of Speedcafe.com – who clearly believe that print publications are still an important part of the overall media landscape – for their belief in, and support of, the SupercarXtra product.

“As we head towards our quarter of a century anniversary, our small but loyal SupercarXtra team can’t wait to start working with the crew at Speedcafe.com to make this publication even better than it has been over the past 23 years.”

Speedcafe.com owner Karl Begg added: “Speedcafe.com is pleased to partner with the team at SupercarXtra to provide the latest news in motorsport from Australia and around the world.

“We all love the digital world, websites, apps, social media, but at the end of the day the desire to hold something tangible and have something to put on the coffee table is still there for a lot of people.

“The magazine will be able to draw on Speedcafe’s world class editorial team to supplement the already fantastic SupercarXtra coverage.”