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SupercarXtra Magazine #117 on sale now!

The latest edition of SupercarXtra Magazine, issue #117, is on sale now.

29 June 2020

Issue #117 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars, headlined by a ranking of the top 60 drivers over the last 60 years. Though it’s not an exact science, ranking the best drivers provides a fascinating snapshot of the heroes of the championship and their achievements over the decades.

There’s also rankings of the top 10 makes, cars, teams, races, seasons and more, rounding out the 60th anniversary celebrations in this issue.

The print edition of this issue also includes a pullout poster commemorating the championship-winning drivers from 1960 to 2019.

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Issue #117 also includes the following:

ANALYSIS: Getting back on track. Supercars’ new-look calendar for the current season.

ANALYSIS: Beyond Holden. The latest on the Gen3 plans post-Holden.

ANALYSIS: Courtney gets a Ford boost. James Courtney lands at Tickford Racing.

ANALYSIS: Virtual moves. Supercars’ virtual racing push.

COLUMN: Ryan Story on the future of Supercars.

COLUMN: Mark Winterbottom on racing virtually.

COLUMN: Craig Lowndes on sprint-racing formats.

FEATURE: Virtual reality. Behind the scenes of the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries.

FEATURE: Top 60 drivers. Ranking the top 60 drivers of the ATCC/Supercars.

FEATURE: Top 10 makes. Holden versus Ford and the rest.

FEATURE: Top 10 teams. From Total Team to Triple Eight Race Engineering.

FEATURE: Top 10 cars.Commodores, Falcons and more.

FEATURE: Top 10 circuits. The iconic race tracks of the championship.

FEATURE: Top 10 seasons. The most memorable seasons.

FEATURE: Top 10 races. The classic contests.

FEATURE: Top 10 (multi-car) crashes. The biggest rollovers, pile-ups and more.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Brabham-Moss powerhouse combination at Bathurst.

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