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Supercars-In-(P)Review podcast

Supercars-In-(P)Review is a new podcast looking at all the action from Supercars rounds in three parts – preview, review and driver ratings.

06 October 2020

The preview podcast looks at the latest news leading into each round, and then the data and information needed to make sense of the weekend with a track walk from one of the leading contenders.

It delves into the review, a warts and all take on what happened and why. If you want to find out whose strategy was flawed, whose was brilliant and who was sooking check out the review before listening to the driver ratings show, where the podcast talks about each driver and how they went, taking points off for silly mistakes before pumping up the tyres of the over achievers.

This series is presented by SupercarXtra Magazine journalist Andrew Clarke and motorsport media stalwart Neville Wilkinson and guests.

So check it out: the preview lands on the Monday before a race, the review a day or two after the race and then finally the driver ratings a day later.

It is available on all good podcast players including Apple, Spotify and Google Play.