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Shootout: Top 10 cars in Australian touring cars

The top 10 most successful cars in the history of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #125.

04 June 2022

SupercarXtra Magazine issue #125 celebrates the great cars of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars, culminating in the ‘Shootout’ section and a countdown of the top 10 most successful cars in the history of the championship.

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Cars from Holden, Ford, Nissan, Jaguar, Chevrolet, BMW and Mazda are represented in the top 10, with the Commodore and Falcon unsurprisingly filling the top two places.

The Falcon scored its first championship win in 1973 and won its 17 championships over a 46-year period, including six in the Group C era (three each from Allan Moffat and Dick Johnson) and the rest in the V8 era from 1993 up until victory with Scott McLaughlin in its farewell season in 2018.

The Commodore debuted in 1980 and has notched up 17 drivers’ championship wins over 42 years, with all but the first with Peter Brock in its debut season occurring in the V8 era from 1993 (the Commodore winning in 1994). Its current tally of 17 titles matches the mark set by the Ford Falcon, with the chance to get one over its great V8 rival with an 18th and final success in 2022.

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