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Holdsworth: Holding his worth

It was one of the stories of 2018, Ford stalwart Mark Winterbottom’s speculated and eventual defection to Holden’s Team 18 for 2019. The move left Lee Holdsworth scrambling to secure one of the few remaining seats for this season.

14 May 2019

In the final wash up, the veterans effectively traded places, securing Holdsworth’s long-awaited move to Tickford Racing and a seat in the new Ford Mustang Supercar. We chat with Holdsworth on the move to Tickford Racing in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #110.

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When you ask drivers what their goals are for the season, the answers are usually pretty standard. If you’re a rookie, they’ll say top 15 in the championship would be an excellent result. If you’re an established driver, they’re always looking to finish in the top 10. If you see yourself as a championship contender, nothing less than the top five will do. But if you’re 36-year-old Lee Holdsworth, you give a different answer; an answer that shows the utmost respect for not only the opportunity you’ve been presented with but also for the company you’re now keeping.

The multiple Supercars race winner is not aiming for a number but to keep close company with Tickford Racing star and new stablemate Chaz Mostert.

“Well, I think Chaz is the benchmark” he admits. “Obviously, looking at the results over the last couple of years, he has really set the standard and it seems the development has benefited him”¦ Chaz has set the bar pretty high at the team. I think we’ll all be striving to get to that.”

Holdsworth’s arrival at Tickford Racing has been a long time coming. He is a product of renowned talent-spotter Garry Rogers, who drafted Holdsworth in for his first full-time season in 2006. The now Mustang racer is believed to have had different options on the table at the end of the 2011 season but ultimately settled with former championship-winning squad Stone Brothers Racing (SBR).

“I’m excited, I’ve been wanting to be with this team for quite some time” says Holdsworth. “Now I want to take this opportunity with both hands and hopefully make something of it. I think with the team, from an outsider looking in, they were probably at a point where they needed a bit of a shuffle-up. And with Will [Davison] and myself moving in there and also the Mustang coming along, I think it provides a bit of a fresh start for the team and a bit of a reset.”

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