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Feature: The solo path

After sharing the same entry last season, Jake Kostecki and Zane Goddard moved into their own cars at Matt Stone Racing (MSR) this season. And their progress is accelerating as a result, as we examine in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #122.

26 August 2021

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In 2020, MSR raised eyebrows with their unique ‘SuperLite’ concept, which gave two of the Dunlop Super2 Series’ brightest young talents a shot at Supercars’ main game through a shared-car program in the one entry.

In 2021, MSR has shown faith in those rookies, signing the two drivers for full-time roles and in the process forming the youngest teammate pairing on this season’s grid.

Goddard and Kostecki have come a long way from racing each other in karting on the Gold Coast, now fronting the bright, young MSR operation that has quietly made promising ground throughout the first half of 2021.

That the two 21-year-olds were able to make a seamless transition into full-time roles in the main game this season shows that the program has been a success, an idea shared by one of the main supporters behind the program, UNIT Clothing’s Toby Lynch.

“It’s a credit to both drivers that, despite being the youngest in the field, they were able to approach the challenges thrown at them with determination and maturity and deliver a series of solid race results,” he says.

“As a result, they find themselves graduates of the program and in their own cars for 2021, which is the ultimate outcome. This is now a chance for them to continue to build on their solid results and further refine their race craft against the series’ best.”

Team owner Matt Stone’s young team has also been boosted by some key engineering recruits, which have seen the young pairing grab some promising qualifying and race results, as MSR celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation.

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