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Feature: Gen3, where to now?

The news of Holden’s demise has put the spotlight on Supercars’ future plans, namely the Gen3 rules. With the departure of the manufacturers that entered under the Car of the Future and without Holden and the Commodore beyond this season, Gen3 shapes as vital for the future of the category, as we examine in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #116.

27 April 2020

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There has never been a more important time for Supercars to get it right. Holden is gone, and Gen3 is coming. Get it wrong, and it could be over. Nail it, and the world is Supercars’ oyster.

That can only happen if you understand what matters, and that, reader, is you. Not the manufacturers, not the engineers or the drivers, not the television companies or any other stakeholder”¦ you.

What is pretty clear is that the engineer-driven part of the sport is likely to take a back seat to control components and simplicity.

The requirement to find the $3 million per car needed to be competitive has to be cut, and steps have been made that improve the racing without affecting the spectacle. But some more big changes are coming; and as much as they are needed, we have to hope they get it right.

Pitlane is mostly unified, but it is the points of difference that will generate the debate as the Supercars commission and the Gen3 committee settle on the way forward.

It seems inevitable, with the effective death of the family car in favour of SUVs, that Supercars will move away from the platform that has been the mainstay of touring-car racing in Australia, and into a form that supports sportier coupes. Ҭ

Mustangs, Camaros, Nissan GT-Rs, BMW M4s and the like could race alongside the Kia Stinger, Genesis G80 and Toyota Camrys. Not too many, though; if there are too many manufacturers, there will be a lot that won’t be winning.

There is a general agreement on the direction needed: coupes will race coupes and maybe some sedans, closer in look to the road car. But most of the Gen3 work will be in areas we can’t see.

As for the fans, they don’t care; all they want is good racing with different cars, and that is where the focus should lie.

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