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Feature: Ford’s Blue Oval battlers

The Ford features in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #125, celebrating the iconic cars of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars.

07 June 2022

Ford will race on into the Gen3 era of Supercars in 2023, outlasting its great rival Holden.

The Blue Oval has dominated various eras across a number of cars, including the Mustang in Improved Production and Supercars, the Falcon in Group C and Group 3A/V8s and the Sierra in Group A.

SupercarXtra Magazine issue #125 is a celebration of the iconic cars of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars, featuring the Mustang, Falcon and Sierra.

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The following Ford features can be found in issue #125:

Mustang’s racing pedigree. The Mustang’s successes in the Australian Touring Car Championship, highlighted by its domination of the 1960s.

Sensational Sierra. Ford’s turbo-charged rocket that became the car to have under the Group A rules.

Iconic cars: Ford BA Falcon. The Falcon that ended the Commodore’s domination and put Ford back on top.

The X factor. The final Falcon, the FG X, which gave the model a fitting farewell for the Blue Oval.

Pony power. The birth and development of Ford’s current Mustang Supercar.

Other Ford representation includes in a feature on the technical innovations that pushed the limits of the V8-powered parity era and a countdown of the top 10 most successful cars in the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars.

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