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Product review: Cambox, a breakthrough action camera 

Looking for a new way to record your races and other rides? Stop searching and discover the new Cambox V4Pro. 

05 November 2020

An action camera new generation fastened just under your visor to record your rides from an exclusive point of view.

Formula cars, speedway, kart, off-road racing, rally car, rallycross and many more, the Cambox is suitable to every motorsports.

✅ Five exclusive benefits  

Safe ~ Ergonomics ~ Discreet ~ Light ~ Design 

Safe: Fastened just under the visor thanks to a Velcro®️, the Cambox is perfectly integrated to your gear. No modifications nor mounts are required on your helmet shell. 

Ergonomic: An intuitive and easy to use action cam thanks to its vibration motor and its indicator lights.

Discreet: Only a few millimeters thick, the Cambox perfectly fits the curve of your visor. Protected from shocks and out of sight, your action cam becomes almost invisible.

Light: Three-times lighter than its competitors. A lightweight action camera allowing to respect the helmet balance.

Design: This unusual shape allows an ideal positioning of the camera, just above your eyes, molded perfectly to the rounded shape of the users’ forehead, the Cambox has been manufactured to fit exactly the shape of every helmet on the market (compatible even with a sun visor).

Its colour variety and its perfect finishes will make it a trendy asset of your equipment.

✅ The Cambox V4Pro, a top of the range product

4K60fps  |   Ultra-Stabilization   |   150° Wide angle lens

The Cambox V4Pro allows you to record your rides in the most discreet way without doing concessions on the quality of the resolution. 

With its Sony sensor recording up to 4K60 FPS and three integrated microphones, don’t ever forget your rides and relive your emotions at the fullest. 

✅ Remain connected 

Wifi |   Bluetooth  |  

Relive and share your rides the easiest and quickest way by connecting your Cambox V4Pro to your smartphone thanks to the Cambox App, available for free on IOS and Android. 

Discover  more about the V4Pro and benefit from the early black Friday offers: https://bit.ly/3jOQa0L

For additional information: [email protected]